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The 16 must-see new architecture projects for 2016

In what's becoming an annual story for the Sydney Morning Herald, here's my round-up of next year's great architectural openings. Thanks, as ever, to Sydney architect and founder of Sydney Architecture Walks, Eoghan Lewis. 

Who doesn't love an architectural icon? While rising prices and global uncertainty have slowed many building projects around the world – the ambitious Grand Egyptian Museum is once again on ice – eyes are open for key cultural offerings in Hamburg, New York and London.

Sure, the skyscraper industry isn't going out of business any time soon – just take a look at the new Trump Towers going up in Vancouver, while skinny is inny as New York discusses the rash of slim skyscrapers overshadowing Central Park and the first super-tall skyscraper has been approved for Warsaw. However, take your head out of the clouds to see what's trending in the world of architecture.

"Analogue seems to be coming back … less slick, less same-same,&quo…

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