Kevin lost in translation?

Is anyone else getting bombarded by Turkish Airlines ads featuring Kevin Costner? It's one of those weird 'Lost in Translation' famous-people-go-to-weird-places to make-a-lot-of-money scenarios, I think. Is it confined only to this part of the world?

The statement from Turkish Airlines says it all: they chosen Kev because he was a very good actor and that he was very famous and handsome. Nuff said.


  1. The Turkish Airlines wanted Kevin Costner for their ads. Why should he turn them down? Is he supposed to think it's beneath him or some ridiculous reason like that? If you were planning ads and wanted a particular person to star in them you'd want them to accept. Nuff said.

  2. Take a pill, MTAKCF! Has someone been teasing you lately for your mouthful of a moniker? The point of this brief entry is that it seems a strange alliance only because they are from such totally different worlds. I have flown Turkish several times and find them a good airline. I also think KC looks fantastic in what is a clever ad (even if CNN wants to run it half-hourly). Be cool. It's not an attack, it's an observation.

  3. So I respond to your attitude with the same attitude and your response is not a nice one but you think it is? "Take a pill" is not nice! Evidently you don't know that Kevin has spent time in Turkey and developed some friendships so it's not a strange alliance at all. And if you do a little searching you'll find interviews where Kevin said what he thought about the alliance. And no one has teased me about my "mouthful of a moniker" except you.

  4. Well MTAKCF, if I had said to you the much gentler Australianism of 'have a Bex and a nice lie down' you probably wouldn't have got it. In fact, I think we're having a cultural clash re: our senses of humour. Can we PLEASE just leave it as such: I thought the alliance was weird (and FYI, I DID read KC's statements on why he did the ads, and he had never flown the airline beforehand), but I like the ads?


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