Ultimate downers: ultimate travel experiences

The world's most polluted city? Delhi, India.
Photo: Belinda Jackson.
Hi, travel stats lovers, as an addendum to the previous story on ultimate travel experiences, 'Boasters with the Mostest, here's five travel downers, from worst airline to most dangerous city.

1.       Worst airline: Scat (Kazakhstan), Kam Air (Afghanistan), Agni Air, Buddha Air and Tara Air (all Nepal) and Bluewing Airlines (Suriname) (airlineratings.com)
2.       Worst airport: Dilapidation and poor customer service makes Manila airport the world’s worst, say travellers (sleepinginairports.net)
3.       Most polluted city: New Delhi bounced Beijing down to second place as the most polluted major city in 2013, says India's Center for Science and Environment (cseindia.org)  
4.       Most expensive city: Singapore has pushed Tokyo off the throne as the priciest town. Sydney came in fifth, and Mumbai the cheapest in the 131 cities surveyed by the Economic Intelligence Unit (eiu.com).
5.       Most dangerous city: San Pedro Sula, Honduras, wins this award for the second year running, with 187 homicides per 100,000 capita in 2013, says Mexican thinktank the Citizens' Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice. 

This article by Belinda Jackson was published in the Sydney Morning Herald 
and The Age newspapers. 

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