KNOW IT ALL: Five things to consider before you go to...Fiji

Dolphin Island, Fiji
A quick hitlist for those few Australians who haven't tasted the delights of Fiji. I know you're out there.

1. The roads are seriously slow. The maximum speed in Fiji is 80km/hour, and 50km/hour through villages (of which there are many). Ignore Google, Nadi to Suva, 190km, takes a full three hours. And yes, Fiji now has speed cameras.
2. If staying in resorts, consider buying a meal package (instead of just B&B) if your resort isn’t in a town. A la carte meals are surprisingly expensive.
3. Stock up on mangos, pawpaw and other seasonal fruits from the roadside stalls. They’re always super fresh, cheap and come with a friendly chat.
4. Flight and hotel packages are usually far more competitive than buying them separately. During school holidays, book super early or just stay away – Fiji really is that family friendly.
5. Get off the main island’s well-worn east coast. There are 333 islands in Fiji: find yours.

Edited by Belinda Jackson, Takeoff is published in the Sun-Herald's Traveller section every Sunday.

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