Well, you can tell I'm back on form tonight if I'm thinking of food. As Egyptians often are. They breakfast last, lunch later and dinner - a light snack - can be as late as 1am, Tarek told me today. So when we were having dinner at the Citadel view restaurant in Al Azhar at 8pm, technically it could still constitute lunch.

But the real reason for this post is...mangoes. I know you shouldn't eat them every day, but the season is about to end, and it's the chance to try some of the 11 (or is it 15, or 18) types of mango on offer in Egypt. Hindi and Alphonse are most people's faves, while Oasi makes the triumvirate of the best-loved. I've been mainlining Timor mangoes ('oh, they're ok, but they're not Hindi, Alphonse or Oasi,' say the mango-mad Egyptians) from my local fruit & veg souk.

You can buy fresh mango juice on the street for less than a dollar from bizarrely decorated juice stores (ok, I'll get you a pic) and am I being un-Australian by suggesting that they're better than the ones back home? Heaven is a juicy mango...

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