BRISBANE FOR… families, lovers, foodies & sports fans

Families: ‘Big, loud, fun’ is the tagline for the Workshops Rail Museum, where kids 2-12 years can drive a diesel or a tilt train, and the nippers’ railway adventure playground has goods trains, boom gates and a central station. Everything in this award-winning museum is designed to be touched, climbed on, pushed or pulled. North Street, North Ipswich,

Lovers:  What better way to declare your heart than to bedeck your beloved with vintage-inspired jewels by celebrated jeweller Chelsea De Luca? Nope, we can’t think of anything to top that.  Local gal Chelsea’s following includes Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow, 76 James St,

Foodies: The Spring Cooking School’s express one-hour tapas classes will help you keep up with the Hyphen-Jones at your next cocktail party, and have a great lunch at the same time. The three-hour classes with guest chefs cover, for example, the secrets of bouillabaisse or red duck curry, 26 Felix St, CBD,

Sport fans: Take a 1½ hour sunset kayaking trip up the Brisbane River to see the city light up, then reward yourself with a plate of fresh ocean king prawns and an icy beer or Aussie wine in the classic Brissy marriage of Paddle &Prawns. Every Friday night, 

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